Questions for 2018

I thought it would be useful to keep these questions up on a separate page, so you don’t have to keep hunting for them.

Every autumn, I post questions to consider for a few months, and then, early in January, we share our ideas.

Here’s what I’ve come up with for 2018:

As you reflect on 2017, what is your assessment on how the year flowed in terms of:
–professional life
–personal life
–creative life
–political life

Did your “word” to define 2017, chosen last year, materialize? Why or why not? What were your obstacles? What were your victories?

What did you feel was out of your control? Where did you choose to relinquish your control? Do you have any regrets?

What do you want to focus on next year? Is it different from this year’s focus?

Are you on the same track, or have you made the choice to release what’s not working and go in a different direction? How did you come to these decisions?

Were you hit by unexpected changes in 2017? Did anything seem positive at first and turn into a negative? What was the result? Did anything seem negative at first and turn into a positive? How did you create that?

Are you satisfied on a creative level? Why or why not? How do you want to rearrange your schedule and your commitments to have a more fulfilling creative life?

We will do a year-end wrap up of 2017 at the end of December, but feel free to refer to your answers to those questions as you set goals, dreams, and resolutions for 2018.

List three goals for 2018. Under each, list three concrete steps to get you there.

List three dreams for 2018 — things that might take more than a year to achieve, but where you want to set yourself on that path. Under each, list three steps to work towards each.

List three resolutions for 2018 — definite things you want to change about yourself. Under each resolution, list three actions you will take to fulfill each.

How are you in terms of the Personal Plan you drafted last February? Is it still relevant? Or has your life changed so much, you want to craft a new one?

We will share any answers we feel comfortable sharing publicly in early January. That will be on the main blog page of the site.


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