Posted by: devonellington | March 6, 2023

Sunshine Helps

image courtesy of Laci Döme vvia

We’re still in winter, here in the mountains, about to switch over into mud season before we actually get to spring. According to the predictions, we’re supposed to get snow all the way into April this year. I hope they are wrong.

But, in any case, it’s sunny today, and a bit milder (so all the snow we had on Saturday is getting drippy).

Much as I enjoy gray days and snowy days snuggled inside with a book, much as I enjoy lying on the sofa in the front room watching the sky, sunshine makes a difference.

People here are always in such a good mood when it’s sunny. Sometimes the sun peeks through during an otherwise gray spell, and everyone dashes around getting things done before the next storm. But, because the sun is shining, they’re all cheerful.

If they have to be out and about in gray weather, they meet it with a philosophical shrug.

When the weather turns bad, people stay home, unless they are first responders or plow drivers. And nobody makes a fuss that things are closed.

I live in a small city now, tucked in the mountains. When I lived in big cities, in previous parts of my life, we ran around doing whatever was on our list in spite of the weather. We battled the weather, we had to overcome the weather, and we took it personally when the weather overpowered us.

I like the approach here much better. I think it’s much healthier.

I take more time and care planning my travel, even short jaunts, around weather. When we first moved here, the locals warned, “don’t expect to go anywhere between November and March” so I don’t make plans to go beyond short distances during that time. And events held locally within those bounds are all “weather permitting.” No one gets offended if you cancel because the weather’s bad; chances are, they’ve already moved the event.

The level of stress that removes is wonderful.  It’s a much healthier attitude than “get there at all costs, even when it puts you in danger.”

One of my resolutions is to not fall into that trap anymore.

At any rate, today is sunny, and I’m off to join my fellow cheerful residents in running errands. Because we have storms coming through, off and on, for the next month, and we are going to enjoy ourselves while we can!


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