Posted by: devonellington | February 27, 2023

February Wrap-Up

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February Wrap Up

February’s a short month, and this one has been all over the place. And I don’t know why the typeface is weird. How was your February?


7 Plays submitted

Keeping up with script coverage work

Book reviews

Process Muse Posts

Ink-Dipped Advice posts

Completed and submitted article for publication

Soup class


Set up

#28 Prompts on various social media channels

Wrote 3 2-page comic radio plays

Artist Talk

Went back to the yoga studio

Residency proposal out

Drafted 4 short stories

Yoga Nidra class

In Progress

Outline for a project due in April (or maybe June)

Outline for FALL FOREVER

Legerdemain (Keeping up with writing/uploading/scheduling episodes)

Angel Hunt (keeping up with writing/uploading/scheduling episodes)

Judging contest entries

Heist Romance Script (and its research)

March newsletter material

Notes for a cycle of poems

Short story

Exploring multiple social media platforms


Nothing (that’s a first)

Unexpected Additions

Working with Midnight City Tarot deck (I love it)

Residency Proposal

Short stories

Urban Fantasy romance outline


Barnes & Noble’s lack of customer service (they’ve now lost me as a customer)

Post office kerflamma


Named as a grant recipient by the state’s cultural council



  1. Congratulations on the grant.

  2. […] February wrap-up is posted over on the GDR […]

  3. Thank you!

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