Posted by: devonellington | December 5, 2022

Looking Back at November & Forward to December

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No, this isn’t a Janus-headed post. That’s for, you know, January.

November ended in the middle of the week, and this is our first Monday in December. It feels weird to do the typical monthly wrap up, because it feels like it was longer than half a week ago.

Basically, in November, the primary focus was on THE TREES WHISPERED DEATH for Nano. I got 60K written, and had an uneven experience with it, which I will discuss in the coming weeks over on The Process Muse.

I kept up with script coverage work, landed an article assignment from a new-to-me publication, started the holiday decorations, got out the overseas cards, worked on LEGERDEMAIN and ANGEL HUNT (although not as much as I hoped, and I’m behind where I wanted to be at this point). My beautiful, giant Brother color laser printer (only two years old) died, and the lack of customer service on a piece with a warranty is appalling.

As this month drives forward, I am still working on THE TREES WHISPERED DEATH, with the aim to finish this draft; pushing on the next arc of LEGERDEMAIN, which has to be finished, polished, uploaded, and scheduled, so the marketing can continue; more work on ANGEL HUNT, so I can focus on its launch in January, decorating, baking, card writing, and other holiday stuff.

I’ve done my shopping, wrapped and packed the gifts that are mailed (post office trip as soon as this is posted). I’ve drafted one short story, almost drafted another, and am keeping up with blogs, script coverage, et al.

I’m trying to be organized about getting things done early in the month so that I can actually dial back and you, know, ENJOY the holidays when they actually happen.

That means my goal, my dream, AND my resolution for this month is: ENJOYMENT.

If you haven’t looked at the Questions for 2023, they are on their own page now, so help yourself.

Take the time for pleasure this holiday season. Less stress, more fun!


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