Posted by: devonellington | October 17, 2022

October Mid-Month Check-In

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I can’t believe it’s already the middle of October. I love autumn, but time is accelerating.

How is your October going? Mine is busy and creative. I’m slowly feeling less burned out and more optimistic. However, with the virus numbers going up in my area, I’m hunkering down for the winter. I’m looking forward to it, planning my time and space to be creative and cozy.

Here’s what’s been going on:

Wrote 2 short plays

Submitted 1 play

Got back on track with my daily yoga practice

Kept up with Ink in My Coffee & Gratitude and Growth

Kept up with script coverage work

Kept up with book reviews

Wrote ahead on Ink-Dipped Advice

Participated in a marketing game (which is ongoing until the end of the month)

Worked on the next arc of LEGERDEMAIN

Worked adapting chapters of ANGEL HUNT back into serial format

Re-read part of EARTH BRIDE with an eye to adaptation

Helped a colleague with her website


Worked on the outline for THE TREES WHISPERED MURDER

Created and dropped an ad campaign at the last minute for the Kindle Vella Binge Reading week

Created a logo for the new project going live next week

Outlined and planned the new project going live next week

Wrote four of the posts for the new project

Attended the Boiler House Poets reading

Decorated for the season

Did a storage run

Got an oil change to prep the car for winter

Started the document for the December newsletter

I did not get out  any LOIs at the beginning of the month, which concerns me. I need to up my game for the second half of the month there, or I will regret it over the winter.

How’s your October going?



  1. My October is disappearing rapidly.

  2. […] Ready for our long, Tuesday natter? I also have the Mid-Month check-in up on the GDR site. […]

  3. I can’t believe how fast it’s vanished.

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