Posted by: devonellington | October 3, 2022

September Wrap-Up

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I never did a wrap up for August, but that’s long in the distance. Safe to say, I re-released all seven Topic Workbooks and did a lot of promotion for Legerdemain, and taught virtually at a conference. September was pretty busy, too.


Working Artist Group meeting

Quarterly newsletter out

Kept up with script coverages

First arc of LEGERDEMAIN polished/uploaded/scheduled through early Dec.

Episode-specific ads created/uploaded/scheduled

Kept up with book reviews

Kept up with Gratitude and Growth

Kept up with Ink-Dipped Advice

Created and posted 2023 GDR questions

House guests

Started working with DramaQueen software

Dumped project management software

Signed up with Substack

Meeting at the local television/radio station

Submitted 5 stage plays

Authors Guild virtual seminar on serials

Outlined Lighthouse short story

Got the plants in

Sewed two curtains

Created/uploaded ads for 30 Tips for 30 Days through October

Posted profile on Creative Ground

Updated Pages on Stages Website with radio links

Created ANGEL HUNT logo

Attended a colleague’s reading

Visited the law library for research on the Retro Mystery

Got COVID Shot #5

Voted in the primaries


Outline for Retro Mystery

ANGEL HUNT adapted from novel to serial


Material for the Legerdemain website


Graphics for Topic workbooks campaign for October -December

Organizing creative projects for 2023

Fearless Ink Quarterly postcard


Withdrew from Authors Guild in-person conference due to lack of COVID protocols



Submission calls

Short story outline (lighthouse)


Project management software does not meet my needs. It lacks the flexibility I want.

Had to drop the idea of meeting some submission calls because I could not prioritize the time to write the pieces necessary.

Lack of COVID protocols at conference, which meant I had to withdraw

Lack of synopses for stage plays (on the list for the coming months)

Behind on posting links for the Topic Workbooks

Injured by fireworks

The amount of time it took to recover from the booster

Recruiters (so sick of them wasting my time)

Fire in the building



Creative Ground

Bonuses from Script Coverage

How was your September?


  1. Not a good as I had hoped. Age and aging disabilities keep getting in my way. Difficult when your mind wants to do things but your body can’t accommodate you.

  2. […] tab was steady each day (and often on weekends, when I did additional or catch-up work. The “September Wrap Up” post over on the Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions site that went up this past Monday details those. […]

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