Posted by: devonellington | September 26, 2022

Questions to Help Plan 2023

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It’s been another rough year, the third year of the ongoing pandemic. Take some time to think about where you’ve been in 2022 and where you’d like to go in 2023.  The questions will move to their own tab and sit, so you don’t have to feel rushed; you can revisit.

I will post mine shortly in the New Year. You can post or not post in the New Year in the comments as you wish.  Remember that Mercury goes retrograde again on December 29, with Mars still in Gemini, so going into the New Year could be rougher than usual.

Here are some things to consider:

Assess 2022. What are the major highlights? What are the big disappointments? How do they weigh against each other?

Given your GDRs for 2022, what did you achieve, what are you still working on, and what did you release?

Looking at 2023, consider these:

What is your relationship with the ongoing COVID pandemic? How will you continue to protect yourself, your family, your community?

Where do you need to change things on your path? Is it work? Is it nonwork?

What creative explorations do you plan to make in 2023?

List 3 goals for 2023, in any area of your life. Underneath each, list 3 active steps to start the work they need.

List 3 dreams for 2023, in any area of your life. Underneath each, list 3 active steps to start launching them.

List 3 resolutions for 2023, in any area of your life. Underneath each, list 3 active steps to start your commitment.

What do you need to release, in any of these areas, to clear your path to achieving your goals, dreams, and resolutions in 2023?

What is one new type of creative endeavor you will play with during 2023? (And the emphasis here is on “play.” We don’t build in enough playtime for ourselves).

What is one stretch goal, dream, or resolution that you want, which will probably be a multi-year endeavor? What is one small step you can take this year to get it going?

As always, take your time to think about it. Only share, in January, what you feel comfortable sharing.



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