Posted by: devonellington | September 12, 2022

Learning To Take Breaks

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Hello, and welcome back after the August Blog Rest here.

But last Monday was September, so why no post?

Because here, in the US, it was a holiday. I am being more stringent about taking holidays and not working or posting.

So why not write ahead and schedule to post?

Because I’m training myself and walking my talk by taking holidays, and that means that not only do I not work on them, but I don’t act like it’s any typical workday and schedule posts. I’m trying to train myself to get into the habit of holidays being genuine time off, not pretended time off.

We’re so used to everything being work or about work or prep for work or work showing up when we’re away that we don’t take breaks. Taking breaks from posting gives me, as the content creator AND the readers, a break.

But readers will forget about you! Or they’ll be angry and go elsewhere for their content!


If I’m that forgettable, then they should find someone whose posts excite them. If they get angry because I TAKE A REST, then they are no longer my target audience. They may have been at an earlier point in my career, when I bought into the whole “always have content dropping” but my focus has changed, which means the readership changes.

That’s okay.

It’s part of growth and change.

I don’t want to be afraid that my readers will turn on me or away from me. I need to fulfill my purpose and my vision, creatively and professionally. I certainly have enough information out there so people can find my work and can spread the word. And if they don’t like it or want it, then they have the right to go and find other work that speaks to them.

There’s room for everyone, and there’s room for people to try different things. There’s room for people to change and grow differently, and away from each other. That’s all part of it. That’s a good thing.

So I am going to honor holidays and breaks. I am going to honor YOUR holidays and breaks. That way, when we spend time together, it’s because we WANT to, not because we’re on a schedule that doesn’t serve either of us.

Take breaks. Enjoy holidays. Live a varied life!

(P.S. I’m working for the questions for 2023, and hope to post them in early October).


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