Posted by: devonellington | August 1, 2022

July Wrap Up

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July Wrap Up

August 1 is an important holiday in my personal calendar, and I intend to celebrate.

I’m happy with how July shaped up. I’d hoped for a quiet August, but it’s getting rather busy.

Here’s the wrap:


1 LOI (this is far too low, and I need to get more out in August, and definitely in September);

New editions of 3 Topic Workbooks released;

The launch of LEGERDEMAIN, the serial;

Content Calendar for the three Topic Workbooks created, uploaded & scheduled through September;

Ads for the first 6 episodes of LEGERDEMAIN created, uploaded, and scheduled;

General ads for LEGERDEMAIN created, and used as needed

#31 Prompts uploaded daily across Twitter, Ello, CounterSocial, Tumblr, and Facebook

Visited an old friend I hadn’t seen in more than 10 years

Kept up with script coverages

Kept up with book reviews

Signed up for a Kripalu cooking class

Kept up with Italian lessons on Duolingo

Participated in Word X Word’s World’s Possibly Largest Poem

Did a comparison trial between Asana and Todoist

Went to the Booksale at the Pittsfield Atheneum

Met with local candidates running for office

Found a new doctor for my mom

Kept up with meditation practice, both online and my own daily practice

Took yoga classes both online & in studio

Wrote the first draft of “Inspired By”

Wrote the first draft of “The Little Woman”

Hung up some art

Finished building The Kitchen Island Cart from Hell

Stripped the pine wreath

Attended the Northern Berkshire Artist Meetup

Applied for an artist residency

Llewellyn article for 2024 Almanac

In Process:

Uploading the rest of the first arc of LEGERDEMAIN


Episode-specific ads

Writing the second and third large arcs of LEGLERDEMAIN

Working on the poem for “Poets in Conversation – Landscape” in August

Shakespeare horror story


October mini-vacation cancelled, due to safety concerns (rising Covid & monkeypox numbers)

Unexpected Additions:

Accepted for Poets in Conversations — Landscape


A short story about which I was passionate was rejected for an anthology

Windows 11 causing problems/crashes/freezes every day

I let my daily yoga practice slide too often

October mini-vacation cancelled



Wrote/performed with Word X Word

Stayed on track with the Topic Workbook launches




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