Posted by: devonellington | July 18, 2022

Mon. July 18, 2022: Mid-Month Check-In

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Mid-Month Check-in July

The month feels like it’s flying by. But, creatively, it feels good.

This is where I am this month:

LOIs – 1 (yes, I’m way behind with that)

Stayed the course with daily Italian lessons on Duolingo

Revised THE GRAVEYARD OF ABANDONED PROJECTS & set it for release

Revised THE COMPLEX ANTAGONIST & set it for release


Scheduled & uploaded the ad campaign for GRAVEYARD & ANTAGONIST through the end of September


Working on the revision of SETTING UP YOUR SUBMISSION SYSTEM

Created a Style Sheet for the Topic Workbooks

Finished the first big arc of The Big Project

Working on the multi-colored draft edit of The Big Project

Created nearly a dozen ads for The Big Project

Kept up with script reading work

Kept up with book review work

Attended the Atheneum Book Sale

Shopped at the Farmers’ Market every Saturday morning

Updated websites

Experimented with Todoist and Asana (so far, prefer Asana)

Online yoga class

Kept steady with my online meditation group

Struggled with computer issues

Made vegetable stock

Finished putting together the Kitchen Island Cart from Hell

Stripped the Yule wreath of pine needles & stored them

Attended the Northern Berkshire Artists MeetUp

Wrote the first draft of “The Little Woman” (one act play)

Wrote the first draft of “Inspired By” (one act play)

Wrote and submitted an artists’ residency application

Dealt with Sense Memory Stress

Posted the #31 Prompts every day across various social media channels

Attended a virtual event with The League of Professional Theatre Women

Worked on the presentation for my class in August

So far, July has been a busy and productive month, especially creatively. And, especially compared to the last few months coming. The writing is shaking loose again, and the flow comes more naturally. Fingers crossed that continues. It feels good. Even when I’m tired by the end of the day, it feels good.

How is your July coming?


  1. My July has had highs and lows so far. Just hanging in there,

  2. […] the weekend! There’s a mid-month check in over on the GDR site from […]

  3. The heat and humidity don’t help, either.

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