Posted by: devonellington | July 11, 2022

Mon. July 11, 2022: Nudging, Noodging, and Prompts

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If you’re following along on social media, the #31Prompts are a thing again this month. They’re scheduled on Twitter to release each day at 11 AM, a new prompt from the 1st through the 31st of July, to get you thinking.

They show up on Facebook, Tumblr, Ello, and CounterSocial whenever I can get them up, but they are going up, every day!

While the prompts are primarily aimed at writers, they can be used in any discipline — there’s no reason you can’t build a painting or a dance or a sculpture around “the bagel has landed.”

On my Ello page, I usually have Friday journal prompts, which are content exclusive to Ello. However, since I”m also posting the #31Prompts, I have paused the Friday journal prompts.

Because there’s a point where too much prompting stops being a nudge, and you become a noodge with all the prompting. It can get overwhelming and stop being fun, even when they are in different arenas.

The point of all the prompts is fun and encouraing creativity, not making it a chore.

In light of that, the Friday Journal Prompts are suspended until August, so that only the #31Prompts nudge, and you don’t feel like I’m a noodge!

Where have you found that too much prompting becomes self-defeating?



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