Posted by: devonellington | May 2, 2022

Mon. May 2, 2022: April Wrap-Up

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April was more chaotic than I would have liked, and the 4th vaccine took me down longer than I wanted. But still, a decent amount of work got in:


2021 Taxes

2022 Quarterly Taxes

4th COVID vaccine

10 LOIs

Video conference w/prospective client

Signed freelance/NDA with new client

Kept up with yoga & meditation practices

Kept up with script coverages

Kept up with client work

Kept up with book reviews

“Owe Me” first draft radio play


2 short story submissions

5 day virtual Buddhist summit

Updated Fearless Ink website

Built Pages on Stages website

Converted “Pier-less Crime” radio play to US Numbered Format

Sent off the Frieda/Laz plays to two interested producers

Feedback on a friend’s synopsis


The Big Project (behind where I want to be, but moving forward)

Working on the house

Contest entries

Roughing out anthology story in my head for Monthology

Comic horror radio play

Reconfiguring my work content and schedule

Planning the next few months (loose plan, subject to change)


First draft of THE KRINGLE CALAMITY, which has to get back on track in May.


“Horace House Hauntings” licensed in Minnesota


That the garage made me wait a month for an appointment, then refused to fix the car because it would “take too long.”

Trouble getting in to the other mechanic

Trouble changing over my mother’s cell service carrier – both Tracfone and Consumer Cellular are not customer-oriented.

Problems with AllHungry (definitely a company to avoid doing business with in the future)


Signing with a new client

“Horace House Hauntings” licensed again

Radio plays out to interested producers

How was your month?


  1. I stopped doing my goals and wrap-up blog posts as I was missing most of them and adding in a ton of others. You’re doing well. You’re hitting more than you’re dropping.

  2. Part of that is because I’m not setting a list at the begining of the month. I know what I need to get done, but I’ve dropped the To-Do lists, and that’s made a world fo difference for me.

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