Posted by: devonellington | April 18, 2022

Mon. April 18, 2022: Mid-Month Check In

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How’s your April going so far? Weather-wise, it’s been all over the place here, and because the weather has so much impact on what we do, it’s meant a lot of adjusting as things change. But it keeps one flexible. And it’s such fun to watch the weather roll around between the mountains.

Anyway, as usual, I feel like I’m behind where I want to be, and I’m trying to stop beating myself up about it.  Here’s what’s gotten done so far:

2021 Taxes

2022 First Quarter Taxes

4th COVID vaccine

5 LOIs

One video conference w/a prospective client

Working on the house (decorating/unpacking/cleaning)

Kept up with meditation practice

Kept up with yoga practice

Work on two radio plays (both still in progress) as part of Dramatists Guild End of Play program

Kept up with script coverage

Kept up with book reviews

Worked on contest entries

Roughing out the anthology story in my head

Failed attempt to get the car fixed

2 short story submissions

Lots of planting

Virtually attended a 5-day summit on the teaching of Pema Chödrön

Updated my Fearless ink website

In conversations with 2 different producers for 2 different radio projects

Built the Pages on Stages website

What’s missing from this list is work on The Big Project, which kept getting bumped, and on the edits for CAST IRON MURDER. Those have to go back on and get caught up on for the second half of the month, along with other deadlines.

It’s not a bad list, it’s just that some items that need to be on it aren’t. So I will have to adjust for the second half of the month.


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