Posted by: devonellington | April 11, 2022

Mon. April 11: The Artist of Your Life

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In the preceding weeks, we’ve talked about the need to daydream, and the need to be an architect of our own lives, building structures to support the dreams.

Today, we talk about being the artist of our lives.

What do we want to create? Not just structurally, but creatively and emotionally? How do we do that?

It involves a deep knowing, and also knowing that what we want, need, and dream to change. Creating something beautiful doesn’t mean it’s permanent. That’s the most difficult, as we go through our lives. There’s sometimes a sense, when our needs changed, that we failed in not knowing that and how they would change.

But it’s not failure. It’s growth. And creating the life we want by dreaming, building the structure, and then being the creative artist within that structure creates the growth.

Start somewhere.

That’s always the most difficult part. To actually know where to start, and then to do it.

It can be as simple as changing the duvet cover on the bed, or painting a room a fresh color, or creating a reading or knitting nook in a corner. Integrate with the structures you need to bring your dreams to life through creativity.

Does the energy in your room feel stuck? Explore different schools of Feng Shui to rearrange the objects in your space to open space in your life. The physical and the mental/emotional affect each other.

Give yourself physical and emotional space to create, in whatever type of creativity serves your life. There’s creativity in accounting and science and building roads as much as in the arts.

Maybe you’re working three jobs and taking care of the family and doing all the housework, and it all seems like Too Much. Try spreading out the chores amongst family members, but instead of them being “chores” (which has a negative connotation), make them adventures, or chances to be creative. Doing the dishes is part chemistry, part magic. A dirty, crusty dish is changed into its best self – a work of ceramic art. And the person cleaning the dish is creating that transformation. Vacuuming is a way to suck up all the nasty dirt psychologically as well as physically, getting rid of what you don’t need. Maybe the only time you have when you can let your mind wander is when you’re in the shower. Enjoy that brief time in the shower. Remember how good it feels, when annoyances in the day snap at you like mosquitos.

Finding ways to add creativity to mundane aspects of your day creates more pleasure in the day. As daily necessities become more fun and more of a creative outlet, it will create room for other kinds of creativity, that has more to do with manifesting your dreams.

You might never truly enjoy cleaning the toilet, but you can turn it into something more fun and creative, rathe rather than a period of time where you feel unhappy. As you scrub the toilet bowl with your bristly brush, imagine the dirt in the bowl is the pollution in your life (maybe even the polluters). When you flush it out – it’s gone.

It’s clean and fresh and what was awful and dirty is gone. It will get dirty again, but it will be different dirt, and not the dirt that’s now gone.

One of my little “making my life a work of art” is putting different wreaths on the door every month. I do it for fun; the neighbors look forward to seeing what will be on the door next. When I order takeout, they can easily find my door, because it has the unusual seasonal decoration.

Another one of my weird little quirks is novelty socks. That started back when I worked backstage, and I had to wear black six days/eight shows a week. Black shirt, black pants, black running shoes. So I started wearing funny socks: cats, martini glasses, cats with martini glasses, witches riding their brooms, skiing Santas. Other people started giving me fun socks, for Secret Santa times stocking stuffers, or gag gifts. I no longer have to wear black all the time. In fact, when I first left backstage work, I rarely wore black for five years. Now I wear it again because I like it. But, throughout, I still wear fun socks.

Door wreaths and funny socks aren’t big deals or major artistic statements. They are little personal quirks. But they make me happy and the people around me smile, so we all gain from it. Life is short enough, and transient enough. Any moments of joy we can create and enjoy are a win.

Integrate fun moments into your days. Recognize and appreciate those moments. Then let them expand and build on them. What makes you happy? What makes those in your lives happy? How can interactions be playful rather than stressful? It’s not appropriate for every interaction to be playtime, but there are plenty of mundane moments that can be infused with magic and laughter.

And that’s how you create your life as a work of art. With joy and laughter and connection.


  1. Love this post. Sure has me rethinking things.

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