Posted by: devonellington | March 28, 2022

Mon. March 28, 2022: March Wrap Up

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It feels weird to wrap up the month when there are still four days’ worth of work to do, but I’d rather wrap it up today than next Monday, when we are already into a fresh month with new possibilities and commitments. So, here it goes:


11 LOIs

Script coverage

Knowledge Unicorns

Stayed current with blog posts

4 book reviews

New lore/organizational lore for 2nd monster for Monthology

Client work



Set up the parameters for Dsole, Meet Me, and Mists Between the Worlds

Big Number Birthday survived

Research for the retro mystery

First editing pass of CAST IRON MURDER complete

Newsletter (to go out before the 31st)

In Progress:

The Big Project (although I’m behind where I want/need to be)

CAST IRON MURDER second draft begun

Contest entries

Monthology brainstorming

Rewriting “Under Greasepaint”

Writing “Time Links”

Spring Cleaning

Car repair issues

Spring planting


The Kringle Calamity draft (which has to rotate back into the schedule quickly)

Unexpected Additions:

The new monster/organizations for Monthology

Desolḗe, Meet Me, and Mists Between The Worlds

Signed up for the End of Play project with the Dramatists’ Guild (for April)


“Under Greasepaint” rejected (but I’m rewriting it)

“Enter the Murdered” rejected (looking for a new market)

My bank


Short-listed for a horror anthology

Survived the Big Birthday without chaos

The plants are germinating!

Internal promotion/pay bump from a client

How did your March turn out?


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