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Mon. March 21, 2022: The Architect of Your Life

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Back on March 7, which was only a few weeks ago (but feels like a year in pandemic time), we talked about dreaming your ideal life. I hope you’ve carved out some time to do that, because now we build on that with the next step, which is becoming the architects of our own lives.

What is an architect?

Architects have a deep understanding of structure. They know how to build architecture that functions well. They understand strong foundations, pillars. They understand the need to renovate, reconfigure, and restore, at different times in a building’s lifestyle. They know how to marry form with function.

Architects understand design. They know how to create workable beauty.

How can we translate that into our lives?

We have to start where we are, without judgement. What is the structure of your life? What does a day look like? What is the difference between your work time and your private time? What is your placement and function in your family unit (be it blood or found), in your communities (be they physical or virtual)? What makes you happy? What frustrates you?

Once you’ve spent some time pondering, and perhaps writing, about that, take the leap to the best life you imagine. Not the one you wanted years ago, or even weeks ago. Not the one someone else wants you to live. But the life of which you dream.

Ask the same questions.

Now, compare the two lives.

What structures will help you get to where you want to be? What structures are hindering you? How can you work around, over, through, or remove those obstacles? How can you start building what you want? Where are the obstacles providing an opportunity to look at the process differently?

What steps, however small, can you take to bring the life you live now closer to the life you want to live? What can you build to get there?

Instead of giving yourself a deadline to reach the destination, give yourself a deadline to take the first step.

The fulfill that first step.

What have you learned from thinking about these two lives?


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