Posted by: devonellington | March 14, 2022

Mon. March 14, 2022: Mid-Month Check-In

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I can’t believe we’re already halfway through March! The weather around here is more like January.

I don’t feel as though I’ve been very productive thus far, but then, again, I never do, and I’m trying to shift the way I’ve been trained to overwork myself into something healthier and more holistic.

What I’ve done so far:

Worked on The Big Project

Kept up with script coverage assignments

Reviewed 2 books and received 2 more to review

Kept up with the Monthology brainstorming sessions; even got a new monster and wrote organizational and lore information on it.

Kept up with client work

Sent out 10 LOIs

Worked on background research for several projects

Worked on contest entries

Worked on revisions for CAST IRON MURDER

Set up the parameters for a series of projects each of which will contain a variety of short pieces within it

Started the spring planting

Kept up the meditation practice

Recommitted to the daily yoga practice (which has been hit and miss since February)

Worked on organizational things around the house

Shoveled a lot of snow

Got the car fixed (and yet, it has to go back in for more work)

Kept up with Knowledge Unicorns sessions

Requested a lease extension

Had a Big Number birthday

Took a 3-day weekend for said birthday

That’s not a bad list, actually. I wish it felt like I was getting more done.

The Big Spring Clean starts today. This home is a long, front-to-back space, so we are starting in the kitchen and working our way forward. I can probably only do about 2 hours a day, so I figure it’ll take about two weeks to get it all done. But it will sparkle by the time we’re finished!

How has your March been so far?


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  2. March has not been kind to me. Unwanted and undeserved legal stuff is taking way too much of my time.

  3. I’m so sorry. That’s so frustrating.

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