Posted by: devonellington | February 28, 2022

Mon. Feb. 28, 2022: February Wrap-Up

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There’s obviously a lot going on in the world right now, and we need to pay attention and make the decisions we need to make. In addition to world stuff, I was feeling particularly burned out around some other areas of my life, so it was not the productive month for which I hoped.


Kept up with script coverage work, although I did less than usual (and took the financial hit)

Kept up with book review work

Adapted a trio of short radio plays into a single play

Wrote a short radio play

6 LOIs out (far too few)

4 submissions

Attended virtual networking session

Attended virtual author event

Renewed Boston Public Library Ecard, giving me access to additional resources

Unpacked more books

Ideas for a grant application for a friend

Local Artist Census

Cleaned up Twitter account

Started spring planting

Kept up with Knowledge Unicorns

Voter registration complete after fighting to get it done for 8 months


Working on contest entries

The Big Project (although I’m behind where I wanted/need to be)

Collaborated on the shared world anthology

Grant application


Learning Scrivener has to wait until I have time to block out

THE KRINGLE CALAMITY drafting was moved to March (although I have to get back on with it)


Spell-A-Day Edits

The radio plays

Grant applications

Ideas for several long-term, un-deadlined projects


1 Rejection (short story)

Potential client situation not working out because of low pay and unacceptable conditions

Dealing with an unpleasant client situation with a big client

Dealing with a scam

The CDC putting us at risk yet again by dropping mask guidelines


Getting the radio plays adapted/written in a timely fashion

Looking back over that list, it’s not as short as I expected in the “done” column. How was your month?

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