Posted by: devonellington | January 31, 2022

Jan. 31, 2022: January Wrap Up

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January Wrap Up

I intentionally started more slowly this month (and year) than normal. I didn’t accomplish all that I hoped, but I managed to stay on track with most of what was necessary.


21  Posts for Ink in My Coffee

4 Posts for Gratitude and Growth

4  Posts for this GDR site

2 Posts for Ink-Dipped Advice

Kept up with script coverage

Client blogging work

Decorations down and packed away

1 short story written, polished submitted

2 poems written

1 play submitted

1 article pitch out

1 LOI out

Seeds ordered

Kept up meditation practice

In Progress:

Reading contest entries

The Big Project

Excel spreadsheet for plays

Postcard for freelance work

A second short story almost drafted

Outlines for 3 medium-sized projects

Unpacking office


Moved reading the material on Marie and Square Bancroft

Unexpected Additions:

Grant proposal out

Short story written, polished, submitted


365 Women is not putting out a call for new plays this year.

Yoga practice was inconsistent this month.

People, in general, especially in relation to getting the pandemic under control (although they’re more responsible to those around them here than where I lived before).


Ideas for the two short stories and two poems, which I then wrote


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