Posted by: devonellington | October 18, 2021

Mon. Oct. 18, 2021: October Mid-Month Check-in

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It’s already the halfway point of October. How do you feel about your progress?

I feel I’ve mismanaged my time a bit, although I’ve kept up with all my deadlines. In fact, I have a big deadline today on a project, and that’s going in right on schedule. I would have felt better had I gotten it in on Friday, but it’s still in on deadline.

I’ve kept up with all my deadlines.

I’ve sent out LOIs, although fewer than usual.

I’ve written fiction every day.

I started attending again, the Sundance Collab on Mondays and Fridays (Wednesdays I’m booked with Remote Chat) in order to have specific time blocked off to work on the plays. While I skip the networking breakout sessions, because it is detrimental for me to talk about work moments after I’ve drafted it, the actual writing time is beneficial.

I made the big decision to do National Novel Writing Month this year, in order to get my daily rhythm back. I’ve started, rhythmically, with the first writing session of the day, but I want to really focus and get back into a productive rhythm for whatever I deem my “primary project” in any given month. Nano has been useful for that in the past. So, I’m signed up, started a group called “Enchanted Wordsmiths” and have been working on my outline. It’s going to be a mystery, has a working title, and contains a group of characters who started chatting to me a few weeks ago, but were in search of a plot. I think I’ve found one for them.

I attended my first in-person event since the pandemic started, a local nature walk. It was outdoors, we were all masked, even when vaccinated. It was a small group, and it was a good way to ease back into being around other people. I enjoyed it, but it was still exhausting.

I signed up for a workshop on soul work, which I hope will help me use the Chiron retrograde healing energy to resolve a few things still lingering from the move. It starts today, for the coming week. I did my prep work last week, and stayed on track with that, which feels good.

With Mercury and Jupiter going direct today, it takes a huge weight off, and opens more possibilities.

One of the things I want to work on in the coming months is being more aware of possibilities. I’ve been so shut down since the pandemic started, and with my own surgeries last year, that I need to hone that awareness again. Possibilities appear in unusual ways, and I need to be able to discern them, and tell the different between a genuine opportunity, and someone trying to get me to do something that only serves them, not both of us.

The next two weeks will be about keeping up with deadlines, sending out LOIs, prepping for Nano, and preparing for a friend to visit, the first company we’ve had since before the pandemic.

This update has been less about lists and more about carefully considered decisions. Which, for me, is a better way to function right now.

How do you feel about your October so far? Do you have any questions on the questions posed for 2022?


  1. I’m still trying to decide about NaNo. If I sign on it will be for short stories not a novel. Like you, I am trying to get my writing rhythm back. How did I feel about October? Wish I had more time and energy to get what I needed to get done accomplished. My mind would like me to accomplish more than my body is physically able to do.

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  3. Yeah, I’m finding a lot of that, too. I’m trying to find a good balance between what I CAN get done and what I want/need to get done.

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