Posted by: devonellington | August 23, 2021

Mon. Aug. 23: Realignment

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Part of growing and learning, and, most importantly, healing (which is part of this Chiron retrograde transition we are in until this year’s Winter Solstice) is re-alignment.

We need to re-align what we want, what we need, and what is in the moment.

When we look at what’s out of alignment, we can make decisions and choices to change.

Among the most difficult choices right now are how to keep ourselves and our families safe, when there are so many factions pressuring us to put them at risk. It puts many people in terrible positions. The factions putting us at risk believe their own egos (and personal profits) are more important than the safety of those in their communities.

Instead of just saying, “I have to go along with X because I have no choice” start thinking about ways you CAN have choices by creating change, both on personal levels, and in the larger landscape. Then start taking actions to support it.

Even though you’re tired. Even though you’re overwhelmed.

Create change.

Decide WHAT is important to you. Then, go that extra step and be honest about WHY it’s important.

Once the What and the Why are sorted, you can start making informed decisions on the How.

Corporate profiteers are trying to rebrand the first waves of the pandemic as “time off” or “sabbatical” — which it was not. It was survival. Plenty of people learned that the work they do does not need to be in someone else’s space, under the supervision of mediocre (or worse) individuals with “manager” in their titles and paychecks. They learned that their work has value, and their lives have value, and if their former bosses (many of whom showed no loyalty during these first pandemic waves, but now expect loyalty in return, and often at lower wages) don’t value them, others do. People are searching out better work situations. On top of that, people are getting bolder about creating their own work. And insisting on fair pay for it.

All of that is positive.

To figure out what you want, why you want it, and how to get there, you need mental and emotional space. Some people find that through physical activity (running, swimming, etc.). Others find it through stillness and solitude, such as meditation and exploring their interior lives in journals.

Try different things. See what works for you. Maybe it’s a mix. You don’t have to stick with one thing forever. Your needs will change as you do, and that’s a positive.

Don’t rush. Unless you are in a situation that needs quick action, take time to think things through, and to mentally investigate various options and opportunities. But do carve out some time for yourself every day to spend in quiet contemplation as to how you want to re-align various aspects of your life to support the abundance, health, and happiness we all deserve.

There’s a meditation quote that’s been around for a good long while, attributed to a variety of sources. It goes “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.”

The mere thought of this week is overwhelming to me; therefore, I am building in extra meditation time to work on my own re-alignment. I’m in a much better place, physical and mentally, than I was a few months ago; but there’s still work to do, and decisions to make.


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