Posted by: devonellington | August 16, 2021

Mon. Aug. 16: Mid-Month Check-In

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We’re back to check-ins and progress, slow as it may sometimes seem. Frustrated as we often get.

The first, most important success for the mid-month check-n: Still surviving during a pandemic.  Everything else is built around that.

If that is the ONLY thing any of us achieved this month, the entire month is a win.

We need to hold that perspective, even as too many expect us (and, now, especially our children) to die on the altar of capitalism.

So, the big win: survival.

On my part, this month, I’ve:

–written nearly 50 pages of a new novel in longhand;

–kept up my daily personal journal (longhand):

–returned to this blog;

–returned to Gratitude and Growth;

–kept up with my freelance work;

–worked on the articles for the 2023 Almanac;

–worked semi-steadily unpacking;

–re-instated Artist Dates;

–worked with the cats, to get them comfortable in the new space;

–joined a local food co-op;

–got a library card at the local public library AND a community card at the college library across the street;

–started participating in Remote Chat and Freelance Chat again;

–started learning my new neighborhood and region;

–got in a storage run to Cape Cod, to switch out some things.

There’s a lot of “starting” on this list, and that’s okay, because this move is a new “start.”

How is your month going?

I forgot to mention that I also got back to my daily yoga practice, and that’s made a huge positive difference.


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