Posted by: devonellington | August 9, 2021

Mon. Aug. 9, 2021: Re-instating the Artist Date

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One of the most useful tools to stay connected with my creativity is a regular Artist Date. Julia Cameron encourages this in her book THE ARTIST’S WAY, and in her subsequent books.

An Artist Date is something you do, once a week, for yourself.

You schedule it, and, even when you’re busy, you do it.

Cameron talks about the need to do it alone. It’s a pandemic, so yeah, alone is good. But for many of us, who spend so much time alone in our work, connection is important. In non-pandemic times, I sometimes used my Artist Date time to meet with a friend who was also in the arts, so we could do something, like take a walk together or go to a museum, and also talk about our work, our process, etc.

Try different types of dates, and see what works for you.

Because I recently moved to a new area and I’m in the process of learning it, almost everything can become an Artist Date. I’d stopped doing them last year, during the pandemic and when I was sick, and didn’t reinstate them earlier this year, because all my energy was consumed in moving.

But now, I’m re-instating the Artist Date.

I’m lucky that some weeks, I have more than one. I’ve visited a local farm; I’ve become a member at a local food co-op; I’ve visited a local herbal apothecary; I’ve gotten my library cards at the local public library and at the academic library across the street; I’ve visited a nearby lake, nestled in the mountain above us.

There’s s a new local bookstore to explore, parks and gardens, museums, and local businesses. I have a lot of delight in store.

Part of me wonders if I should limit myself to only one new thing a week; but I will do that once I’ve learned the area, and then start going farther afield for the Artist Dates.

Getting out of the house to go someplace new (even if it’s less than a mile away) provides me a sense of adventure. Experiencing a new place or spending time with art or textiles or books or a local artisan’s small business, fills me with contentment AND provides inspiration to go back to my own work.

So the Artist Date is back, and I’m delighted about it.

How will you re-ignite your creativity with Artist Dates?


  1. This. All day long, this. My artist date may be two days this week. I’m that kind of crazy. 😉

  2. Good for you. Can never have too many artist dates!

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