Posted by: devonellington | February 28, 2021

February 2021 Wrap-Up

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All in all, it wasn’t a bad month, although a stressful one.

But I just kept at it steadily, and this is what got done:

February Wrap-Up


My mom got her first vaccine dose (this was the best and most important)

3 pitches for stage plays accepted (they are due at the end of the year)

Part 2 of my article “In the Company of (Historical) Women went live

Landed 3 more article assignments

Client work

Purged boxes from the basement – 100

Daily yoga/meditation practice

Weekly online meditation group

Regular blogging

LOIs – 50

One conversation with a bait-and-switch recruiter that was a waste of time

Grant proposal

Contest submission

Short story submission

Play submission

Book reviews: 3

One article completed and turned in

In Process:

Steady writing/revision on GAMBIT COLONY


Worked on contest entries

Second article in progress (will be ready first week of March)


Creative Commons proposal

NEA proposal

New Additions:

None. I stayed on track this month, for once.


One conversation with a bait-and-switch recruiter that was a waste of time

Another recruiter who tried to get me to accept a truck driving job

Personal disappointment that can’t be discussed publicly


My mother’s first vaccine dose

Steady work on basement purging

Articles live

More article assignments

How was your February?


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