Posted by: devonellington | January 31, 2021

Jan. 31: Monthly Wrap-Up

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Although this is still in list format, and some of the categories are familiar, there are also some tweaks.

How do you feel about this month?

Here’s where I am, as of today. While it is in list format, and there are some familiar categories, there are also some tweaks. Please feel free to share in the comments where you are and how you’re doing.

Looking at the list, I realize how much I focused on productivity rather than creativity, although I needed creativity in order to be productive.

Early in the month, I’d decided to give myself a break from writing fiction for the month, other than playing with the short stories, because I’m tired. While it alarms me not to have “written more” — my morning 1K was on different projects, not just a single novel considered my “primary project” — I needed the break. I’m lucky i have editors who allowed it.


Holiday decorations taken down and put away

Books reviewed: 2

LOIs: 74

Article Pitches: 4

Finished Articles: 2

Book Proposals: 1

Script Pitches: 3

Submissions: 1

Ink in My Coffee Posts: 21

Ink-Dipped Advice Posts: 4

A Biblio Paradise Posts: 4

Gratitude and Growth Posts: 4

Boxes Purged: 25 (on track for the total to be 35 by the end of today)

Daily exercise bike

Daily yoga

Twice-daily meditation

Client work

I took the pressure off myself to work on fiction, except for the short stories; my brain needed the break.

In Process:

12 Days of Christmas short stories


Reading and judging contest entries


Nothing that wasn’t already decided so to do.

Unexpected Additions:

Some story ideas that are percolating

I suddenly realized the core problem of INITIATE and how to fix it; when that will happen, I have no idea. But it was a breakthrough.


Rejection of a short story of which I’m fond

People, in general, around here, not following COVID protocols

The MA Governor turning his back on the population during vaccine distribution problems



Discussion of more articles with that publication in the future

Getting back on track with the box purging



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