Posted by: devonellington | September 14, 2020

Honor Yourself For Surviving

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We’re in the middle of September. I haven’t posted a To-Do list or a Wrap-Up list in months.

I had a lot of goals, and I had a lot of things that have to happen going into the year. They’re stalled, many of them, but some of them still have to happen as soon as I can pull them together.

I keep on top of deadlines and keep an eye to the future, but that’s about it. I’m not setting myself the dozens of tasks each month, because sometimes getting through the day is the best I can do.

We need to celebrate our survival, while we mourn those who died. Especially because so many died needlessly.

I’m working on questions for 2021. In the meantime, I’m also looking for coping tools and caring tools and ways that we can survive so that we can thrive when there are solutions to the virus and those solutions are enforced.

We won’t go back to normal. That might be a good thing. There were many elements of what was considered “normal” that we now realize are toxic. One of the things we need to do as we work our way forward it to redefine what we want and need in our lives and put systems in place to get that – while breaking apart the systems that have demanded that we don’t achieve what we want and need to achieve in order for someone else to profit.

A big part of this is redefining work.

Take a breath. Celebrate yourself. Take time to assess. Stockpile both physical and emotional resources. It will be a tough winter, but we want to be in a good place to build something better by spring.


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