Posted by: devonellington | June 1, 2020

Mon. June 1, 2020: The Self-Defeating Argument

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Normally, I would have a list ready on June 1, of all the things I wanted and needed to accomplish in the month.

There are many things that must get done this month, including survival.

But there’s no list.

Because things continue to change so much, day to day.

I’m berating myself for not having a list, and yet it makes no sense to set myself up for failure like that.

There are enough exterior pressures trying to daily put my life in danger. I need to tone down the internal pressures.

Every time that nasty voice starts up, I remind myself that I am surviving. I have a roof over my head, food on the table, I’m working to stay healthy, I’m still working, in general. I find I need a lot of emotional space right now, as well as physical.

Everything else needs to build from that foundation, and it needs to be on MY terms, not those who want to use me for their convenience at my risk.

It’s not an easy internal conversation to have multiple times a day, but I’m working on it.

How are you holding up?


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