Posted by: devonellington | January 31, 2020

Jan. 31, 2020: January Wrap-Up

January 2020 Wrap Up

1 Play proposal out (for 2 plays)
Walks: 1
9 Article Pitches to 6 different publications (1 more than planned)
22 LOIs (10 more than planned)
Holiday Decorations packed
4 boxes from basement purged (16 short of goal)
“A Woman for the Job” short play, 1st draft
4 Posts for this site
Intention posts/ Ink posts
4 posts on A Biblio Paradise
4 Posts on Gratitude and Growth
4 Posts on Affairs of the Pen
4 Posts on Ink-Dipped Advice
Kept up with reviews
Weight training 2x/week
Client work

In Progress:
“Trust” (short play)
Winter Solstice Romance (1st draft)
Reading contest entries
Susanna Centlivre research
“A Rare Medium” short play
Steam punk radio play
Medium posts (I’m working on several at once, although some have been reformed as article pitches)
Reading contest entries
2019 Filing
2020 files
Updating Fearless Ink website
Working on vegan cookie recipe
Prepping winter postcard
Work on socializing the cats

Will work on THE BARD’S LAMENT when BALTHAZAAR and DHARMA are done
ELLA BY THE BAY will be worked on after BALTHAZAAR and DHARMA are done
Adapting BEHIND THE MAN moved to March
Dawn Powell biography re-read moved

Unexpected Additions:
A batch of Idea Cookies, for which I took notes, including the piece set against Vaudeville, the piece set against an arts festival, a play about Faith Bacon, a fantasy novel, and a short story based on a news event.
Started Susanna Centlivre research

A couple of conversations with potential clients were a waste of time. What they said they needed and what they actually were looking for were two different things.
An article pitch accepted, but with claims of “budget constraints” that would prevent me for getting paid for my work; I refused.
An invitation to speak for free at an event where the “exposure” doesn’t net sales, by someone who has a policy of only speaking for a fee, so I refused.

The play proposal was accepted. I will write one play inspired by Susanna Centlivre and one play inspired by Isabella Goodwin.
“Horace House Hauntings” will be performed in Minnesota in October.
“Intrigue on the Aurora Nightingale” was performed in Florida.
Standing my ground and refusing gigs that don’t suit me or pay me.

I fell short of my financial goals, but I hit and surpassed some of my creative goals. I need to keep the level of creativity high, but get the finances to meet it.

How did you do this month?



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