Posted by: devonellington | January 3, 2020

January 2020 To Do List

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Here we are in January, with a fresh, shiny To Do List:

12 LOIs
4 Proposals (over an array of topics)
8 Article Pitches
Work on DAVY JONES DHARMA revisions
Work on draft of THE BARD’S LAMENT
Work on radio adaptation of BEHIND THE MAN
Work on Kate Warne 10-minute curtain raiser
Work on draft of Solstice romance
Work on draft of ELLA BY THE BAY
4 How-To posts for this site
Keep up with Ink in My Coffee (and do 4 Intention posts)
4 posts on A Biblio Paradise
4 posts on Gratitude and Growth
4 posts on Affairs of the Pen
4 posts on Ink-Dipped Advice
1-2 articles for Medium
Keep up with reviews
Start reading contest entries
Re-read Dawn Powell biography
Pack away holiday decorations
Purge 20 boxes from basement
Complete 2019 filing
Set up 2020 files
Update Fearless Ink website
Intensify yoga/meditation practice
Put the weight training back in 2X/week
Walk 2x/week (weather permitting)
Work on vegan cookie recipe
Prep winter business postcard

What’s on your list?


  1. […] on over to the Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions site, where I have my January To-Do List. I already have a few unexpected additions not […]

  2. I already have “unexpected additions” — I started writing a new (short) play on New Year’s Day, and I have a requested play proposal out. The ability to be flexible and seize opportunities is key!

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