Posted by: devonellington | February 28, 2019

February Wrap-Up

February 2019 Wrap-Up

Well, February took its own turns, as things do. I strayed from my list, because of other opportunities, especially when it came to radio plays.

All domains moved to Name Silo. Completely free of 1&1–finally!
17 LOIs
Comic ghost story radio play finished and pitched to 2 companies

In Progress:
Contest Entries
Keeping up with books sent for review
Personal strategic plan
Straw Hat Radio drama
Research for play on Canaletto’s sisters
First act of anti-gun violence play
Catching up on Gwen Finnegan things
Catching up on Nautical Namaste things
Working on GRAVE REACH (Coventina Circle #4)
NECRWA workshop
Keeping up with client work

Justice By Harpy work is moved until I catch up on Gwen Finnegan & Nautical Namaste

Unexpected Additions:
2 meetings with potential clients; one was not a good fit & I withdrew from consideration, the other I liked and am waiting to hear back.
Requests for more radio plays
Received 3D covers for my books

Didn’t get a meeting with a client I pitched and really wanted, although I knew it was a stretch
Taking longer to wind up a client project and move on than I would like

The positive reception of the radio plays
The client meetings I’ve landed from the LOIs (even when it wasn’t the right fit, landing the meeting was positive)

I’m working on the personal strategic plan. Over on Ink-Dipped Advice, I talk about the Vision Statement.

How did your February go? What are your plans for March?



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