Posted by: devonellington | February 15, 2019

Mid-February Check-In

I’m behind on things, but here’s the update:

My domains are moved; I am finally completely free of 1& It took over a year of concentrated effort, after years of paying for services they refused to provide. This liberation will do a lot in growing my business.

I’m keeping up with reviews, and working on my contest entries.

I’m on track for LOIs, but behind in article pitches.

I had a meeting with a potential client and then withdrew from consideration, because I knew I wasn’t the right fit for what they need; I have another meeting with a potential client next week, so we’ll see if we’re more compatible.

I’m working on my personal strategic plan.

The comic ghost story play had to have the second half ripped out and revised, but it will go out in a day or two.

I’m about ready to work on the straw hat comic radio mystery.

I’m working on the monologues, and hope to start testing the first of them this month.

I’ve been working on blog posts, and on my NECRWA presentation.

I’ve planted the eggplants, leeks, and scallions inside for spring, and I’m about to start planting tomatoes.

I’m working on the novels, but haven’t done much work on the anti-gun violence play.

I’ve also been working with my publisher on a marketing plan.

So the list isn’t quite as short as I thought!

It’s been an emotional roller coaster for various reasons, but I hope it’s evening out a bit.

How’s your February going?


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