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2019 Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions

Answers to the 2019 GDRS:

Assessment of 2018:
By the end of the year, with last-minute challenges thrown at me, it felt like I had accomplished nothing, and was worthless. Truly, the day before Christmas Eve was a rough one. I felt like a complete, utter failure.

But putting together the year-end wrap-up, I got quite a bit done:
3 novels published
1 novella published
1 radio play produced/performed
1 radio play accepted for production in 2019
Wrote for a Llewellyn Almanac again
Moved webhosts & built 7 websites
A few articles and blog posts
Studied the International Tribunals at The Hague
Participated in a Global Human Rights Conference
Almost daily political activism

That’s not bad.

As far at the Goals I set:
1. Meet and exceed deadlines.
I was good about that until the deadlines for the books/series became unrealistic. Then I spoke up — a huge step for me. And realigned a few things. I felt like a failure because I couldn’t keep up the pace, but at least I spoke up and we fixed it.

2. Getting the Basement Cleaned Out
Still working on it. That has to accelerate this winter. I procrastinated on it more than I should have. I do not consider this a successfully reached goal.

3. Read more poetry
Yes — and was turned on to amazing poets like Warshan Shine.

4. Write more letters — that was mostly confined to the holidays.

The dreams (which I did not share publicly) were not achieved, although I made some progress toward them.

1. Physical Fitness — it’s better, but not where I hoped it would be. I’ve deepened the yoga and meditation practices considerably, but have not added enough other activities into them.

2. Political Engagement and Conscientious Consumerism — yes. This I feel I did well. Almost-daily engagement, and being careful and aware of where and how I spent my money. I consider this reached, but not finished. I will keep on this path. This was originally a resolution for 2017, but this year I feel I fulfilled it.

3. Boundaries — I’m getting better and better at setting and holding them.

4. Build the community I want instead of adjusting to the community that is there — I’ve started it, and plan to keep going.

So, 2018 wasn’t a total loss after all.

Looking ahead to 2019:

I’m still working on the “ideals” mentioned in the GDR questions. I’m still “mapping” — that terms sounds too psycho-babble, but that’s what I’m doing.

There are elements in each situation where I might be creatively on track, but the financial is not meeting it, and so forth and so on. It’s much more of a map with multiple levels and lines than a straight ladder of progress.

My ideal creative situation is the continued ability to move between novels, novellas, stage plays, radio plays, screenplays, short stories, articles, and anything else I want to write, but get a higher rate for all of them. Part of creating the ideal creative situation is to craft a better and more practical marketing plan.

My ideal living situation: I love the house in which I currently live, but I want to own my own home. That means making changes on multiple levels to make that possible. I have to decide where I can compromise in order to make that happen, and for how long.

My ideal work situation: To go back to working completely remotely, and not work on site at all. That might not happen this year, but I’m working toward it.

My ideal partnership situation: Mutual support, not me being expected to handle the bulk of the physical and emotional work, as has happened in previous situations. I’m taking longer to commit, because I’m not willing to make certain compromises anymore. And anyone who interferes with my writing is kicked to the curb.

2019 Goals:

1. Keep on track with the contracted books: 3 novels are set to release this year; more might re-release. But keep on top of it, and get ahead for 2020’s releases.
A. More than 1 writing session a day, if necessary;
B. Higher word count each session;
C. Outline farther ahead.

2. Improve my French. I need it for upcoming projects and other work that interests me.
A. Get out the textbooks and apply myself regularly;
B. Read as much as possible;
C. Try to get into some conversational situations to get more comfortable speaking;
D. Work on the Latin as well.

3. Readjust some of the freelance work and move up a tier.
A. More research/more LOIS;
B. No more online “applications” — if they don’t read a pitch letter/resume/samples or accept them via Submittable, it’s not a place that’s a good fit. I will never be a good match with a company that chooses its workforce through computer-generated algorhythms.
C. More far-reaching proposal packages rather than LOIs; time to get back to creating the position I want with companies that interest me;
D. Start pitching to trade magazines again. That fell by the wayside this year.

Again, at this point, I am not comfortable sharing them publicly.

1. Build on last year’s political activism and continue
A. Keep interacting with my elected officials;
B. Keep working with others who are working toward the same social, economic and human justice goals;
C. Keep studying international law;
D. Keep practicing conscientious consumerism.

2. Continue to build community instead of trying to fit into community
A. Continue and grow the Women Write Change forum;
B. Resume the weekly “artist date” routine;
C. Pitch to more conferences, workshops, etc.

3. Expand the marketing reach
A. Keep exploring new social media platforms, especially one to replace FB;
B. Draft up a workable, realistic marketing plan that can fire on several levels;
C. Do more press releases and pitches to media outlets and bloggers.

I’m still working on these. I’m not sure yet what I consider a leap this year. I suspect it will be attached to one of the dreams.

In addition to this, I intend to work on my physical fitness and continue to deepen my yoga and meditation practices.

Please feel free to share what you’ve come up with, and then we’ll work on them together.

I plan to post suggestions for implementation at regular intervals, along with the lists and check-ins.

Let’s make 2019 a great year, personally and professionally, and one better in terms of our place in the world.


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