Posted by: devonellington | August 31, 2018

August Wrap Up

August Wrap-Up

August has been a personally challenging month, but a professional solid one. But I still feel like I’m behind the beat.

A nice stack of boxes purged from the basement – but still ever so many more to go!
Client work as scheduled

In Progress
RELICS & REQUIEM draft (will be done this weekend)
Research for anti-gun violence play

I didn’t have enough on this list to drop or move

Unexpected Additions:
Hired by a new client – working on first assignment
Playing with some new ideas
Invitations to contribute to several blogs

I don’t think death fits into the disappointment category; more like grief than disappointment

Getting hired within 48 hours of pitching to this new client
Getting back on track and feeling good about RELICS & REQUEIM
Facing tackling the basement purge (this is huge for me on many levels)
Invitation to read at the Provincetown Book Festival

How did your August go?

The September To Do List won’t be up until Wednesday. Have a great weekend!

I’m working on the questions for 2019. They will go up on a separate blog page soon.


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