Posted by: devonellington | June 15, 2018

June Mid-Month Check-In

How’s your June going? Mine has been busy. Good busy, in many ways.

I just signed again with Llewellyn Worldwide to write for one of their 2020 Almanacs. I wrote for them for 16 years, took a break, and now I’m back. I’m very excited.

The Jain Lazarus series is in the process of taking a new direction and revving up again; I can’t officially discuss it until the announcement, but I’m excited, although it puts more writing pressure on me.

But, to turn my attention to the list:

MYTH & INTERPRETATION cover reveal — that’s happening today
MYTH & INTEPRETATION galleys — about to go into galleys
RELICS & REQUIEM — 11K so far; a bit behind, but I’m okay with it.
Newsletter out
LOIs — in process
Article pitches — behind on that
Promotion for Coventina Circle and Gwen Finnegan mysteries — behind on that
Promotion for Jain Lazarus/finish updating website — this has changed, per the upcoming announcement
THREE ROADS OF STRANGERS — some work on it, not enough. But then, it never is, is it?
Anti-gun violence play — not happy with the opening; reworking it
Yard work — ongoing
Basement purge — behind on it.

Talk with advisors — because of the changing situation with Jain Lazarus, we’ve pushed that back, but Jain Lazarus, THREE ROADS, and POWER OF WORDS are all on that agenda.

How’s your June going? It’s still unseasonably cool here.


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