Posted by: devonellington | March 20, 2018

Mid-March Check-In

This is a few days late. The nor’easter last week caused all kinds of problems. Not just power outages, but AT&T went down, so no cell service. And AT&T has absolutely no interest in making it right with their customers. So their customers are switching carriers.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve accomplished in March. I feel way behind:

I’m behind on where I should be with pitches, but want to catch up before Mercury goes retrograde on the 22.

I’m keeping up with ongoing client work as best I can during the weather.

This draft of SPIRIT REPOSITORY is done and off to my editor.


Working on RELICS & REQUIEM.

Working on NOT BY THE BOOK.

Cerridwen’s Cottage and Fearless Ink are up and moved, although they both still need some tweaking.

I’m still tweaking the Gwen Finnegan and the Jain Lazarus sites.

Unexpecteds were health issues for my mother and the pounding of multiple snowstorms.

Hope your March is going well!


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