Posted by: devonellington | November 16, 2017

November Mid-Month Check In


I can’t believe it will be Thanksgiving next week! I have a lot for which to be thankful.

Here’s my mid-month check-in:

I’m working regularly with two new clients. One is at 14-15 hours a week onsite, the other is a combination of regular onsite work and remote work.

I got out a handful of new pitches and LOIs, but I’m concentrating on the two new clients for the moment.

The Lavinia Fontana play, SERENE AND DETERMINED, is on track, and will get to the producer on time in December.

FIX-IT GIRL revisions are happening, but won’t be finished until the end of the year.

TRACKING MEDUSA edits are on track (no pun intended), and I plan to get them to the publisher right after Thanksgiving.

Promotion for PLAYING THE ANGLES continues.

SAVASANA AT SEA released, and promotion continues.


I’m also playing with an idea that explores some of my feelings on aging along with finding the perfect community at the perfect time.

I’m putting the yard to bed — slowly, but it’s happening.

There are still plenty of other things that have to happen this month, in terms of “Miss Winston Apologizes” and “Labor Intensive” and holidays — but the month feels good, although it’s flying past.

How is your November? Are you doing Nano this year? How is it going?

Not participating in Nano, even as a Rebel, was the right choice for me this year. It would have been the wrong kind of stress. But I hope those who are doing it are having a wonderful time with it!


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