Posted by: devonellington | September 5, 2017

September To Do List

August was a weird month, requiring a lot of flexibility. But now it’s September, and that requires some specific focus.

So here it goes:

September To Do List:

Finalize PLAYING THE ANGLES for digital release
Initial pre-pub press for PLAYING THE ANGLES
Finish SAVASANA AT SEAT draft and get it to editor
Write the first chapter of DAVY JONES DHARMA
Start planning marketing campaign for SAVASANA AT SEA
Back matter for SAVASANA AT SEA
“Labor Intensive” release
Finish draft of FIX IT GIRL
Finish submission package for FIX IT GIRL
Start drafting Lavinia Fontana play
At least 12 pitches
At least one short story
At least two articles
Additional material for Coventina Circle website
Get Nautical Namaste site live
Get back on track with NOT BY THE BOOK



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