Posted by: devonellington | June 30, 2017

June 2017 Wrap Up

The early part of the month was more productive than the latter; I’m feeling a little burned out and un-creative. But I must push on or I can’t keep a roof over my head. I can’t afford Writer’s Block.

June 2017 Wrap – Up

22 Pitches Sent — more than I planned
10 minute radio play submitted
2 articles pitched, written, paid
Part I of the first draft of the mini-series written
New cover for “The Ramsey Chase”
2 essays written, polished, submitted
1 flash fiction written, polished, submitted
Next assignment for new editor submitted

In progress:
THE FIX IT GIRL revisions — I’m behind, but they’re progressing
Yard work — always “in progress”
Short women’s fiction story
Part II of the mini-series
“The Ramsey Chase” final proofs
Opening of “Miss Winston apologizes”
Cleaning out what’s unnecessary/purging basement
Searching for the right cover image(s) for PLAYING THE ANGLES

Short stories adapted to radio plays — time/money ratio didn’t work
Moved the third draft of WINNER TAKE ALL to July
Moved work on NOT BY THE BOOK to July
Submission materials for FIX IT GIRL moved to July

Unexpected Additions:
The mini-series
Getting deadlines for Cornelia True and Twinkle Tavern pieces
Getting deadlines for PLAYING THE ANGLES

Unreliable people
Lack of reciprocity

People who expect you to ply your profession, but don’t want to pay.

2 articles quickly sold
Some good meetings
Upswing in short pieces



  1. […] on over to the GDR site and see the June wrap-up. The July to Do list won’t be up until next week, and I’m working on the Mid-Year […]

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