Posted by: devonellington | June 15, 2017

June Mid-Month Check In

Boy, is this month going fast! And it’s all over the place.

From the list posted at the beginning of the month:

13 pitches sent — I’m already over my estimate for the month.

Behind on THE FIX IT GIRL — I hoped to be done with the second draft by today, but the second half of the book is complicated, a real “re-envisionment” in some cases, so I expect it won’t be done until either the end of the month or mid-July.

10 minute radio play submitted.

Yard work, which is ever-ongoing

Working on assignments for my new editor

One of the two short stories I wanted to do this month is out the door; the other is nearly there.

Not on the list but added in:
Two of the pitches I sent were accepted, written, and paid already

Started work on a mini-series teleplay. Finished Part I (123 pages; some will be cut in revisions), and started Part II.

“The Ramsey Chase” will be ready for re-release faster than I expected, so that has to be factored in, along with outlining the next story in the series, outlining it, and deciding when it will be ready.

Finalizing the release dates for Playing the Angles and The Spirit Repository, and deciding how to factor in what still has to be done with them.

In other words, June has been busy and creative. I’m feeling a little burned out, but too bad for me.

How is your June going?


  1. […] forget to hop over to the GDR site, where I have the mid-month check-in posted. I can’t believe we’re half way […]

  2. I completed a first draft on a short story. Now I’m working on the revisions. Do I need to start over or can this story be saved? It doesn’t quite fit the market yet.

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