Posted by: devonellington | June 1, 2017

May 2017 Wrap Up

A day late, but hopefully worth it!

Second draft of WINNER TAKE ALL
Article Pitches
First session on the Career Recalibration
Wrote 1 short article
New cover for Creative Stimulus Workbook
Short Story “Worth the Wait” & submitted it
First assignment for new freelance gig
Proposal packet to a producer for a new play

In Progress:
Personal issues
Second Draft of FIX-IT GIRL
Lavinia Fontana Research
Yard work
Purging basement
Discussions with new-to-me distributors

Adaptations of short stories to radio plays — time/money ratio didn’t make sense.

Unexpected Additions:
Rough outline of new mystery
Rough outline of new literary fiction
Rough outline of new paranormal Victorian romance
Rough notes on fantasy/mystery
Rough notes on DC mystery
Pages on mystery
Pages on literary fiction
Pages on paranormal Victorian romance
Pages on fantasy/mystery
Chance to submit proposal for a new play to a development deal
First draft of a short-short story
Landed new review gig
Discussion for a big, long-term project that may or may not come to be
Wrote short story “Worth the Wait”
Wrote short article
49 pages on a new contemporary mystery idea

Local people

Interest in some of the pitches sent out
New ideas are working
Recalibration will pay off, but not for awhile



  1. […] out the wrap up for May on the GDR site; I’ll have the To Do list for June up […]

  2. Wow!

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