Posted by: devonellington | February 28, 2017

February 2017 Wrap-Up

February 2017 Wrap-Up

February was an intense, creative month, although it wasn’t focused on the projects I planned. Still, it feels good to get back into a averaging a little over 2K per day.

Wrote 319 new pages on a project (approx. 79,750 words) that I’d just planned to give a quick re-read. This included finishing a draft of the second book in a series and getting a good bit of work done on the third book in the series.
Wrote 25 pages of revisions on an earlier portion of the same project (approx. 6250 words).
Adapted a pilot script and five episodes from novel to television format (nearly 50 pages per episode).

SONGBOUND SISTERS– I’m restructuring some of the outline to deepen the plot and heighten the stakes
Ostara story outlined
Yoga/meditation practice deepening
Working on FIX-IT GIRL notations
First batch contest entries almost done.
Italian Renaissance research
Constitutional Law class

NOT BY THE BOOK moved to March.
Devon’s Random Newsletter — I want to wait until some of these projects are ready to launch.
Marketing plan for Topic Workbooks and Digitial Delights — with the chaos going on in the world, it seems trivial to push these projects at the moment.
Didn’t purge boxes

Switched primary focus onto projects I wasn’t expecting to work on right now, but which are part of a long-term plan that I think will take me in the direction I want to go.
Adapting a novel into a series.


Writing nearly 100K in a month.

Creatively, it was a spectacular month. I will have to pull back a bit in March, but I hope I don’t lose the creative groove.

How was your February?



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