Posted by: devonellington | January 31, 2017

January 2017 Wrap-Up

January 2017 Wrap-Up

Rehearse MOBY DICK
Holiday decorations down and packed away
Day of Resistance
Boston Women’s March
Outline for new novel (see “additions”)
Outline for new play (see “additions”)
Proposal for possible spring project (see “additions”)
Short story: “A Place at the Table”
Contract negotiated for ghostwriting project

In Progress:
Started cardio/strength training
Working with my elected officials
NOT BY THE BOOK — behind where I want to be
SONGBOUND SISTERS — behind where I want to be
Marketing Plan for Topic Workbooks
Marketing Plan for Delectable Digital Delights
Re-read FIX-IT GIRL and made decisions; now have to implement
Started research for television pilot
Devon’s Random Newsletter — so many things were changing moment-to-moment
with contract negotiations, it didn’t make any sense to send out something
with information that would be almost immediately negated.

Re-thought the arc of a connected series of short stories. Instead of one
story every six weeks all year, there will be one story every twelve
weeks over two years. Next story is moved to next month.
Had to give up my slot as a reader for MOBY DICK because of blizzard
I did not start the basement purge as planned

First batch of contest entries arrived, and I started working on them.
Drafted outline for new novel
Four sets of contract negotiations — two successfully completed; one walked away from; one still in negotiation
Drafted outline for a new play
Play about Italian Renaissance painter commissioned — due in December
Research begun on Italian Renaissance
Accepted into class for Constitutional Law and started it.
Proposals for a potential project in spring
Negotiations for another project


Play about Italian Renaissance painter commissioned
Boston Women’s March
Accepted into class for Constitutional Law

Overview of the month:
The contract negotiations and the political work threw off the writing schedule, and I have to get back on track with that in February. I wasn’t feeling well, and had very low energy. It was hard to get and stay motivated. The Women’s March was great, but I don’t feel my elected officials are taking strong enough actions to fight the current dismantling of democracy, and I will not let up on them. It was hard to respond to opportunities that came up, but I did so. In some cases, I am glad, because, such as the play commission, it has a positive result. In other cases, the contract terms didn’t make it work my time, and I walked away, which was the right decision. The short story took some interesting twists and turns; hopefully it is what this anthology is looking for. The play that sprang into life as I was driving back from New Bedford at the end of the month gnaws at me and demands attention. I am physically and emotionally depleted, but simply carrying on and focusing on the work helps. While I didn’t accomplish as much creatively as I wanted to, I fulfilled duties to my community that were necessary. I have to get those two parts of my life back in balance for February.



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