Posted by: devonellington | December 22, 2016

Goals, Dreams, Resolutions Questions for 2017

2016 has been a difficult year, on many levels.  But we’ve got the chance for a fresh start coming up in just over a week, and a good time to recalibrate.  Some of the questions are from last year, but there are some new ideas, and some things that build on the work last year.

You’ll see, in my wrap up of 2016, which will post on New Year’s Eve, why I lost focus, but, going back over the years, I also gained things I did not realize were gains at the time.  I hope you find that this past year has been more positive than it’s often felt, and let’s work together to make next year something wonderful.

Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions Questions for 2017

Choose a word that encompasses what you hope will define 2017. ONE word, not a phrase. The word “positive” is a given before that word.

My word for 2017 is “Positive ______________”.

Here are some things to think about, as you look ahead to the coming year. I will post my answers on the second of January, 2017. There may be details related to various questions that are too personal to post publicly; that’s fine. You’re not required or expected to violate your own privacy, or anyone else’s. Write as completely and honestly for yourself as you can, and only post anything that is comfortable for you to share.

Take a look back at the last year, and give yourself an honest assessment. Remember to be kind to yourself. Did you achieve what you hoped to achieve? Where did you fall short of your own expectations, and why? Where did you exceed them? What unexpected events changed your direction? What did you choose to give up because it no longer fit your goals, dreams, resolutions, and life?

Do you feel you are on the right path? If so, what do you want to build on from this year to make next year even better? If not, what do you want to change? How do you intend to change those things?

What needs to be released? There is nothing wrong with removing things (or people) that no longer work for your life. What of those can you discuss and how will you let go of them in a postive way?

Take a look at the disappointments from this year. Can you find their root cause? Did you get something positive from them, in spite of the disappointments?

Take a look at unexpected events which changed your path. Were the changes positive or negative? Did they send you in a new direction you might not have found otherwise, or where they a distraction?

Do you feel fulfilled creatively, personally, spiritually? What contributes to that? If something is lacking in any of these areas, what actions do you need to take in the coming year?

How will you participate in your community? Go beyond yourself and make changes that will positively affect others? In this time of negativity and defensiveness, going beyond the self is very important. If you have spent a great deal of time out in the community this past year, what has fulfilled you? What has not? What changes will you make to prevent burn out?

List three goals for 2017 — concrete things that you wish to achieve. Under each goal, list three specific action steps you can do to achieve each of them.

List three dreams for 2017 — things you would like to do, but that may not be ready to manifest. List three action steps under each dream that you can start this coming year, on the road to manifestation.

List three resolutions for 2017– definite things you want to change about yourself or your life for the better. Under each one, list three action steps that you can take to start achieving those resolutions. Again, remember to be kind to yourself.

Take a look back at the last several years, and then look ahead to where you are and where you want to be. Take some time and figure out a one year, three year, and five year plan. Your personal “strategic plan”, so to speak. Your Personal Plan takes time and is a living document, which means you revisit it and change it as you see fit.

Let’s try to have our Personal Plans ready by mid-February.

Have a wonderful start to the New Year!

Please feel free to share your own goals, dreams, and resolutions below.



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