Posted by: devonellington | May 27, 2016

April & May Wrap-Up

I apologize for not posting an April Wrap-Up or a May To Do List. I went on vacation at the beginning of May. So I have both of these months included in the May wrap-up:

5 submissions
Entries judged for the Indie Next Generation Book Awards
Entries judged for the Ear for Drama Radio Contest
1 short story written/polished/submitted*
DEATH OF A CHOLERIC 2nd draft – now it has to sit, because I have to cut at least 20K!

In Process:
SONGBOUND SISTERS first draft (behind)
“Just a Drop” first draft (behind)
Non-fiction #1

*Two short stories that were not contracted – I had decided not to do these, but the publication requested that I submit at least one piece, so I did.

Unexpected Additions:
Next round of edits for HEART SNATCHER started – not sure how to fit it into the schedule.
Need to find a way to put the entire Harpy Trilogy back onto the roster, without dropping anything else.
Re-reading INITIATE, and getting fired up about that again, but not sure what to do
Discussions with agent, who requested a rewrite of CHARISMA KILLINGS that resonates, so I have to figure out how to get it done on time without dropping the ball on anything else.

Of a personal nature; not appropriate to discuss here.

Agent interested in representing me.
Some risk-taking submissions

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, and I’ll check back in with you for June’s list next week!

June is also the half-way point of our year, so at the end of June, we’ll be doing a reassessment.


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