Posted by: devonellington | February 29, 2016

February Wrap Up

February 2016 Wrap-Up

“Confidence Confidant” adapted from stage play to radio play, in both BBC and US formats.
“Broken Links” converted into BBC radio format
2 submissions

In Process:
DEATH OF A CHOLERIC – very close to the finish I wanted for the end of this month
Continuing to work on contest entries
Play set in 17th Century Italy
Working on material for my presentation in March

Connected short stories put on hold for the moment

Writing my way into the historical novel LAUGHTER RETURNED
Outlining a novel that’s a re-envisioning of an idea I played with for a long time.
Rewrote the first two and a half chapters of SONGBOUND SISTERS.
Writing my way into the re-envisioned novel, so I get an idea of what I want to outline.
Revamped the Fearless Ink Website and working on the Devon Ellington Work website

1 rejection, although that editor wants to see something else.
When I’d prepared the material for my March presentation, the topic was changed, and I had to start over.

Asked to be a panel judge for a high school radio writing contest
Happy I made the decision to focus on the aspects of the business and script writing that I enjoy most, and move away from the areas I found frustrating


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