Posted by: devonellington | February 15, 2016

February Mid-Month Check -In

It is absolutely brutally cold here — but good reading and writing weather!

Here’s the latest:

February mid-month Check-in

How is your February shaping up? It’s a quick month, isn’t it, even with Leap Year.

For me, the month is shorter, but everything else is taking more time than I expect.

I’m behind on pitches and submissions.

I hoped to have the first draft of DEATH OF A CHOLERIC done by today, but I’m behind on that; the readjusted date is the end of the month.

I started the play set in 17th Century Italy, so that’s on track.

I’m preparing for the speaking engagement in March, and I’ve also started the first of the two stories due at the end of April.

I adapted “Confidence Confidant” into radio format, and put it in both BBC and US format.

I converted “Broken Links” from US radio format to BBC radio format.

I started outlining a new idea, a re-envisioning of something I’ve been playing with for a long time.

I’ve been writing an historical novel, writing my way in just enough so I don’t lose it, because it’s not yet on the roster.

I rewrote the first two and a half chapters of SONGBOUND SISTERS, which comes up as the primary focus once DEATH OF A CHOLERIC and TIE-CUTTER drafts are complete.

It feels productive, even if it deviates from my original list!

How is your month coming along?


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