Posted by: devonellington | January 3, 2016

January 2016 To-Do List

January 2016 To-Do List

I’m keeping it short and rather vague on purpose. I don’t use daily “To Do” lists. They don’t work for me. I find them constraining. But there are certain things I have to hit in order to achieve my deadlines and goals. I also have to remember to be flexible as new opportunities arise.

So, here’s the list for January:

Write 15 minute radio script and submit
Continue work on DEATH OF A CHOLERIC
Continue work on TIE-CUTTER
Finish cycle of short stories
Start expansion of “Confidence Confidant” into a full-length
Adapt BEHIND THE EYES radio play from BBC Format to American format
Tango lessons
3-5 pitches and/or submissions
Unpack/sort/purge minimum 12 boxes
Add regular evening yoga practice


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