Posted by: devonellington | December 31, 2015

2015 Wrap-Up

2015 Wrap – Up

Time to look back on the year, see what was and was not achieved, and look ahead to next year. In 2016, I will also post tips/suggestions to the daily achieving of goals, or ideas to think about, and see if they are useful.

In the 2016 GDR “Answers to Questions”, I look back on the ups and downs of 2015. But let’s look at the specific goals, dreams, and resolutions I listed and see how I did:

Goal 1: Complete drafts of three novels, two plays, one screenplay
A. Stick with the 1K/each morning routine
B. Block in additional writing time on certain days of the week.
C. Finesse the way I move between projects

Assessment: I did not complete the drafts of three novels. I didn’t even manage to finish one, even though KILLER QUINTET was released in February. I had a terrible time, in the first eight months of the year, with any novel-related projects.

On the up side, I realized why I was stuck, and was therefore able to start working in new directions. SONGBOUND SISTERS is on the roster for 2016, and I’m working on two novels very different from what I usually do: THE TIE-CUTTER and DEATH OF A CHOLERIC. They are both scheduled in 2016, from finishing the first draft through revisions and submissions.

I wrote one stage play (“Confidence Confidant” for 365 Women) and one radio drama. Both need some tweaking for additional markets this year, and have to be added in to the roster. I finished and polished one screenplay, two one-hour pilots, and a half hour pilot. I also wrote two short stories in the spring (edited, revised, submitted), and have started a group of linked short stories in the past few days that will spill over into early 2016.

I lost the 1K/day from spring into early summer, but got back on track in August, and it served me well the rest of the year.

I blocked in additional time on certain days of the week, and that helped take the pressure of the days where just getting out the 1K was close to impossible.

I’m getting better at moving between projects, but am still not as skilled as I would like.

2. Enter a screenplay contest
A. Either polish a screenplay I have or polish a new one
B. Research the contests and see which one or ones are best suited to my long-term goals.
C. Prepare the application and paperwork so I can submit it in plenty of time.

Assessment: I entered a contest with the half-hour pilot. It wasn’t the one I originally aimed for (that will happen in 2016), but I got myself out there. I didn’t win, but it was worth the effort. I did the research I needed to set my goals for 2016, and have paperwork in hand.

3. Sewing — I want to get back into sewing
A. Pick a project and see it through.
B. Sort through my projects set aside.
C. See what needs to be finished and what needs to be jettisoned.

Assessment: The sewing projects are sorted and ready to go, but I didn’t do any of them. I did start knitting again, towards the end of the year, kind of stop-and-start, and attend a couple of knitting groups with my mom.


I did not publicly discuss my dreams in this forum. I worked on them, got sidetracked a few times, but I’m back on track for them. I did not achieve what I wished in 2015, but I’m still working.


1. More physical activity
A. Up the yoga practice
B. More other exercise, such as adding weight training back into the regime
C. Try a form of exercise I haven’t yet tried.

Assessment: I did some of that, but not enough. I upped the yoga practice, especially during the time at Kripalu, where I did three hours of yoga a day and loved it. I did not add weight training back into the regime, which I need to do. I did, however, start Argentine Tango. Something completely different.

2. Recommit to the garden.
A. Organize what I want earlier in the year
B. Stay on top of the yard work
C. Chronicle life in the garden better.

Assessment: I did more with the garden this year, although not as much as I would have liked. I was better organized, more on top of the yard work (although I still didn’t get all the leaves raked before the snow). I bought a wonderful garden journal and took lots of photos, but didn’t keep it up properly.

3. Reorganize
A. Finally unpack all the boxes in the basement and re-organize or purge what’s left.
B. Get my office back to rights
C. Get more bookcases.

Assessment: I didn’t get everything unpacked and purged/re-organized, although I worked on my office and it’s better than it was. The addition of the rolltop desk for longhand work was a big help. I did not get more bookcases yet, mostly because I’m not sure where to put them.

I was very discouraged and thought I’d wasted/blown the whole year, but, in retrospect, it wound up being a more positive year than I expected, even with all the loss. It was certainly better than 2014, even with all the challenges and loss, and I am determined that 2016 will be even better.

Have a wonderful New Year, and see you back on the 2nd to start it together!




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