Posted by: devonellington | June 3, 2015

June List


As you can see, both April and May got away from me, although I got a lot done.

I completed the bulk of the research on the historical play, and I’m just starting it. The opening scene is the most difficult — I don’t want to start with a lot of introduction and exposition, yet, at the same time, I have to make the sting operation clear.

The radio play is out, and I’m making the necessary adjustments for the US version of it. I lost the thread of the next radio play, and am trying to get it back.

I got both short stories in on time for the April 30 deadline. I came across them the other day, as I was putting things away, re-read them, and like them better than I originally did.

I have two more short stories to work on this month, along with the historical play.

I put together a proposal package for another play, an opportunity that just happened to cross my path, and I need to do some more work on that play this month.

I had my first vacation in years, and did the research I needed to do for the one-hour pilot. Now, I have to sit and write it.

I’m playing with an idea for a book, and am writing my way into it, while working on the next Gwen Finnegan book.

I have a lot of work to do for both the Mermaid Ball and the Writers Conference, coming up in August, along with ongoing work for the programs at the library.

I’ve continued with Tango (and use it in the writing, too).

Draft of historical play
Solid work on BALTHAZAAR
Work on contemporary play
Figure out the arc for the one hour pilot
Get back on track with the next radio play
Work on at least one of the short stories.

I’m going to do the halfway point, midyear assessment around the 15th, where I look at where I’ve been this year, where I’m going, and where I WANT to go, and also, what’s changed since January.

I hope you’re having a wonderful month!


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