Posted by: devonellington | April 2, 2015

March Wrap Up, Looking to April

March is a long month, but it sure flew past! All the snow didn’t help, either.

I’m almost done with the radio play — it will go off shortly.

I’ve got some plot issues to resolve before I can start on the next radio play, which has to get drafted this month. I’ve also got to re-format the other radio play from BBC format to US format to send it to a different market.

I’m deep in the microfilm research for the historical play. One reel down (took six hours and yielded 16 pages of notes) and two reels to go. After that, it’s sitting down and writing the darn thing.

I spent a lot of time on the revision of COLLABORATIVE BIRTH — I’ve rewritten about 350 pages of it. The next section will be tricky, because I’m switching back and forth between versions in order to get what I need from each one.

I’ve been working on contest entries, because all of those are due on May 1.

I finished work on a student manuscript, and now the student has to understand the edits, implement the edits, and apply the techniques we worked on going forward.

I bought plenty of lettuce for the garden — and, as the snow banks shrink, I see just how much clean-up the yard needs! I hope that my days off coincide with sunny, dry days to I can get going on that.

April will be about radio plays, the historical play, and COLLABORATIVE BIRTH. I’ve also got other writing to get done, and plenty of marketing writing. I also have to get back on track with a screenplay that’s got a May submission date.

I took the leap and started taking Argentine tango lessons in February. I’ve been steadily attending classes and milongas since. It’s something new, different, and interesting. I’m glad I’m doing it. It’s part of the resolution to stretch.

How are your goals, dreams, and resolutions coming?




  1. I’d say my goals are on track. My list of things to do is shrinking. Though, the more I get done the more things I’m adding. I guess the list never really gets complete. Haha but not complaining. 🙂

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